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structuring learning


lesson design for lower attainers


starters and plenaries








group work


active engagement techniques


assessment for learning






self and peer assessment


developing reading


developing writing


using ICT to enhance learning


leading in learning


Developing effective learners


improving the climate for learning


classroom management



Information sheets


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These sheets summarise the booklets that make up Pedagogy and Practice: Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools (DfES 0423 2004 G).


Designing lessons

1 Structuring learning

2 Teaching models

3 Lesson design for lower attainers

4 Lesson design for inclusion

5 Starters and plenaries


Teaching repertoire

6 Modelling

7 Questioning

8 Explaining

9 Guided Learning

10 Group work

11 Active engagement techniques


Creating effective learners

12 Assessment for learning (Assessment for learning, Objectives, Questioning, Feedback, Self and peer assessment)

13 Developing reading

14 Developing writing

15 Using ICT to enhance learning

16 Leading in learning

17 Developing effective learners


Creating conditions for learning

18 Improving the climate for learning

19 Learning styles

20 Classroom management



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