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We provide a variety of high impact education services in south London and beyond, including consultancy and training, supply teaching and private tuition in maths and history.


Our areas of expertise include Assessment for Learning (AfL, improving teaching and learning, curriculum innovation and coaching.


Fiona Hogg Education services is best known for its info sheets. Education professionals are dedicated to learning, but very busy people! Our info sheets take up to the minute educational theory and turn it into practical and readable advice. A series of info sheets based on the Pedagogy and Practice: Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools (DfES 0423-2004 G) are available to download for free. 


Fiona Hogg Education Services was founded in March 2006 by Fiona Hogg, a teacher, leader, trainer and consultant with experience in inner and outer London as well as rural schools. Fiona made the decision to go freelance in the middle of an exciting career, in order to spend more of the precious preschool years with her two gorgeous sons.


Education is her passion, and she is looking forward to returning to the chalkface once the boys start school. 




Please pass on my thanks to Fiona. Her session had the incredible effect of making hard working professionals reevaluate their practice with enthusiasm.

G. Denton, Subject Leader


I'm really enjoying all the subjects and finding the subject pedagogy tutorials interesting - Fiona is so inspiring - just makes me want to get out and have a go teaching.

CM, iTeach maths PGCE student


Thanks so much! A "gem" of a resource. I promise you that your ideas are being used in many Cornish schools.

Andy Brumby T&L Consultant, Cornwall


I learnt a number of strategies I could use when doing training with teachers!! I'd not made this link before - so thanks.

David Nicholls, Consultant, Gloucestershire


Fiona, I really enjoyed your inset – (as do I always).  Please send any new handouts as they are the best around!

T. Greig, Strategy Manager


A sense of fun, excellent relationship with students. Good explanations … wonderful, motivating resource sheet.

M Hewitt, Inspector



Communication during this inset has been excellent, particularly with regards to the direction from Fiona Hogg.

DK, Gifted & Talented network member


Think of all the maths you’ve done, Ms Hogg is the best to teach it. She teaches you it bit by bit.

Chara W, student


Thanks you so much for all your help, I think it has really made a difference, and I will definitely be more confident going into the exam.

Lucy, student


Thanks for your help getting Percy’s confidence and understanding up to the mark.

Mrs N, parent


Thank you so much for all your help with Sam. I am so glad that we found you! You have given him so much more confidence and took a weight off my shoulders.

Mrs S A, parent


In short, she has been a perfect mentor.

Mr Lester, mathematics teacher
































































Assessment for Learning

Teaching & learning



Subject leader, co-author Leadership to Count On












Mathematics, history, geography, PSHE

Inner London, outer London, rural





extra curricular







anti-bullying, summer school, pupil conferences, numeracy across curriculum


MA in curriculum studies (Institute of education)

BA Hons (Oxon), PGCE





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